Cane Corso

Make Corso Origin Italy History:
You make him Corso it is a dog that for a lot of centuries is companion of persons and him used for personal protection, as guardian and in the hunting.
You make Corso is Italian Molossikos, that is used for unfavourable meteorological.
This H race is acquaintance from the Roman season.
As ” cors” were characterized the internal courtyards, that were the centre spaces of rural residences.
H race is met mainly in southern Italy, where exist many such courtyards Make Him Corso it is a formal dog of this category molosson that is characterized by mistrust and exceptional instinct of guardian toward foreigners.
In his boss however they is faithful and reliable race.
Description: His height oscillates from 60 up to 68 mill.The head is possible with powerful muzzle.
The nostrils are black and big, characteristic trait of race.
The ears are triangular and tall in the head, in Italy are cut and standing, as also cut is also the tail.
Hair: he is short, soft, shiny and the colour black, dark grey, blue, red, blond.
CHARACTER: It is very good dog-guardian because he is careful and circumspect with the foreigners, in the householder however he is faithful. It does not leave never from his householder, it has constant character.
He is active, kinetic, worthy confidence and has self-confidence. It loves the children of family and it can be defended each member of house if he needs. It is calm dog in general and it seldom has the need.


What it will be supposed you know front you acquire him:
It is very good as guardian and is educated easily.
Methods of reproduction The all types of family dogs are repeated seasonally and usually they give birth a time per year, after period of gestation that it keeps for 11 weeks in certain types.
The person devised the creation of big variety of races with the guidance of their reproduction and with the advantage of period of pregnancy and maturation that is not big.
The better time for copulation is in general the 10th day of gadfly dog once again the 12th .and time differs from animal in animal. Transformations Sporadic exterior factors can alter the basic characteristics of genes in t o n of core of cell, for this reason the genital bodies should they are protected from the radiation.