• Never ever knock the puppy on the face or head. Apart from being a brutal act it will make it fear the hand and it will bend each time you come close.
  • Never touch the puppy under the shoulders as you touch a child.
  • Always mount the rear end of the one hand, and with your other hand hold the chest between the two front legs. Do not allow children to raise him. They never do it right.

• Never allow your puppy go down stairs.

• Never force the puppy’s jaws to see his teeth. Pending 11 months, the upper and lower jaw are very soft. There is a risk of damage to the bite. Never play tug with towels or socks, as this will have the same effect.

• Never allow your puppy to play on slippery surfaces or surfaces including kitchen tiles and linoleum. A puppy then runs or trying to get up on slippery surfaces, will almost certainly acquire the legs of cattle. The hind legs are pushed outward and knees inward, as the puppy tries to stand normally on four. If you have trouble with the surfaces of your home, make sure your puppy has a little room that does not slip or scatter rugs to avoid slipping.

• Take care of your puppy’s nails to be around. Long nails will ruin his feet. Maybe you should cut or rasp every week. Consult the vet. Putting the puppy to walk on rough cement once a day will keep his nails in good shape.

• The Germans say never wake a sleeping puppy. They only grow when they sleep. We believe it is true.

• Buy a special cage for your puppy. To save yourself from the trauma and anxiety, what we propose is, when it is not under your control, particularly at night, to put it in a cage to sleep. Whenever you do not notice, the cage is the perfect place to protect from danger. Try not to shout to the puppy, which basically does not understand much at that age. This way it will be happy and well adjusted. For the first 4 months, puppies sleep 15 to 17 hours a day. The cage will save you from a lot of trouble. Do not put water and food in the cage, just toys and bones.


Puppies do not drink water during breastfeeding. When you start giving your puppy water, please start with a little bit. Give it small quantities, preferably at room temperature. Be sure to give him fresh water every day.


A beef with bone marrow of each week (which you have taken the central fat) will stop it from biting your furniture. It will also keep his teeth clean. The dog can eat bones joints [the knee of the cow] bones, and of course milk from animals.


If possible, try not to bathe your dog. Nature has supplied the skin with the amazing ability to care alone for himself, and it’s always good to leave the good bacteria in the skin. Brushing your dog once or twice a day will probably make bathing unnecessary. If there’s a skin problem, soak it in the bath after a Paramite [are available from your veterinarian.] Our experience has shown that this product 100% eliminates any skin problem .


Parasites (worms) is one of the reasons that delays the development of the puppies. Some people do not clean quite dog from parasites to view this debilitating problem. The dog you cleared in 2, 4 and 6 weeks of life. Even if you do not see pests, you must clean it every 6 weeks until it is 9 months. A runny nose sometimes indicates the presence of parasites.


Dogs and other pets in Europe acquired by July 2004 a brand new passport that will allow them to travel freely in all countries – EU members except the United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden, where more stringent regulations are applicable. The measure was approved by the Parliament. The passport is a small blue booklet. Outside bears the twelve stars – the symbol of EE, while the inner pages are no different than a typical health card and immunization. Published by veterinarians, an official document is valid and a guarantee that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies and other diseases. “These are very good news for pet owners like me,” said David Byrne, Commissioner of the EE Health and protection consumer, who has a dog. “This is an important step for the free movement of people and animals, and did, and made possible by the tremendous progress in our fight against rabies.” For Britain, Ireland and Sweden will apply a special status for five years. To travel around with your dog in these three countries will have to submit to additional testing for antibodies.


Leishmaniasis – kalaazar “comes” after the bite of sand flies. The gnat has stung the animal our March-April onwards and the reading of the presence of blood can be done about 6 months later. So for a sting that took place in April, the diagnosis will take place in October. For one who was bitten in October the diagnosis will take place in May. So ideally check your dog blood twice a year, so if it has infected it can be diagnosed early enough so the chances of cure are high.

The test can be done in three ways: 1. With a few drops and the use of specialized diagnostic kits when the answer comes in a few minutes. The kits have the form of pregnancy test and are safe in terms of their negative effect. In case of positive result, the vet sends the blood for further examination in the laboratory, so it has the title of antibodies that indirectly indicates the “weight” of infection. Companies that have the highest test speak for “specialty” approaching 90-95%.

2. By taking a blood sample and send to public or private laboratories, where the usual method of immunofluorescence, give us after 2-3 days in response to positive or negative and the antibody title.

3. By sending a sample to a laboratory for examination DCR. It is more accurate and based on the extraction of DNA from blood or the lymphatic tissue and measuring the optical absorption and agarose gel electrophoresis. The DNA used in a multiple polymerase chain reaction (multiplex POR), with three pairs of primers that selectively enhance regions of the genome of Leishmania spp. The antigen test must be performed many times and the negative results to be reviewed, because the sample may not always contain the bacteria. Whichever way you choose, it is certain that in October-November and May-June be sure you test your dog for kalaazar.

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